Brand Story

"Quality is remembered". For us at Eclectic1984, every piece of jewellery should be For All Time Adoration.

Our director Michelle S. Binas knows this. She meticulously handpicks her collection from elegant variations of gemstones for everyone to adore and something more.... a lifetime high-yielding investment.

As a beauty pageant winner, Michelle understands the importance and inspiration behind owning a piece of jewellery.

She founded Eclectic1984, to enable women to own high-quality genuine gold with ease. Michelle understands that your investment is worth its weight in gold.

At Eclectic1984, we believe that quality should guide handpicking your jewellery. That is because every investment in jewellery is not only a lifetime treasure but can be useful for generations.

Your possession of gold jewellery is a priceless reflection of you, which adds grace and elegance to your personality. It empowers you to live on your terms. And at the right time, you will bequeath a heritage of value to your loved ones.


Eclectic1984 prides itself on giving every woman a worthy lifestyle. We provide you with the platform to handpick a lifetime investment which is as exceptional as you are.

We don’t just sell jewellery, we give you quality for all time adoration.